The president is directing the development of contrasting options to Gmail

The South American president has turned out to be furious at US reconnaissance that the nation is at present building an elective mail benefit for Gmail and Hotmail to about 200 million natives of the nation.

In Brazil you have enough supervision.

In the wake of the news that his leader ought to have been taking a gander at the card, the huge nation is presently in logical inconsistency.

Det skriver The New York Times.

Thus, the specialists of the nation have requested the Brazilian postal administration "... to build up a national email framework that enables clients to send encoded messages ...".

Prepare by 2014 

In this manner, it is more troublesome for outside insight to get to data.

"The new framework planned for dispatch in mid 2014 should be a swap for US administrations like Gmail and Hotmail," the daily paper composed.

Incidentally, the nation has additionally asked a French and Italian organization to fabricate a satellite framework for both the military and regular folks.

Be that as it may, specialists are doubtful about security, and suspect that, through new activities, the nation can shield itself from reconnaissance.

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