Slipping from the top of Yahoo

The prime of Yahoo was in the mid 2000s. At that point Yahoo ruled the inquiry market, publicizing and news on the Internet. Yippee's capitalization achieved a pinnacle of $ 125 billion.

Some time ago Yahoo was synonymous with the Internet. Alluding to the email is Yahoo mail, saying the online visit application is Yahoo Messenger. Long range interpersonal communication update is alluding to Yahoo 360.

In any case, it's only the past. Hurray has seen a progression of eight back to back long periods of monetary hardship. A year ago, Yahoo lost $ 4.4 billion and needed to lay off 20 percent of its workers in only one year.

In the internet publicizing market - the fundamental wellspring of income for online organizations, Yahoo currently represents just 1.5% of the piece of the pie, down from Google 30.9% and Facebook 12%.

Incidentally, Yahoo has denied a $ 1 billion obtaining of Facebook in 2006 and a $ 1 million securing of Google in 2002. Presently, Yahoo is slipping in front of the ascent of the two organizations. This organization.

Following a while of transactions, on July 25, US media organization Verizon purchased Yahoo for $ 4.8 billion. This is the following stage in Verizon's extension of online business and publicizing in the wake of gaining AOL a year ago.

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